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Washington Park in Warren, Pennsylvania
View from Washington Park in City of Warren, PA
Civic-minded residents donated this 65-acre park to the city
in 1922 to honor the birth of the man most responsible for
opening up the American west. Warren was the country's
western frontier.

It had been known as "the Ohio country" for several
decades already, named after the river which flowed
through it. That's what the Allegheny River was called by the
French and the Seneca Nation. It means "beautiful river"
and the Senecas still use this name. The term "Allegheny"
also means "beautfiul river" and comes from the language
of the Delaware indians.
To get to this spectacular park, take
Liberty St. from downtown Warren and
just keep driving (or hiking) up the hill.
You'll see the sign for it on your left. Here
you will find parking, picnic tables,
cook-out grills, and a beautiful view
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