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Pictured above is an architectural detail of the
Conewango Club.

Located at Second Avenue and Market Street, it was
organized in 1896.

About The Conewango Club
With an exquisite interior and elegant dining,
it serves as our Forum where residents
receive dignitaries, politicians, experts,
funerals, and weddings. Membership to the
men's club has been extended to women.
Welcome to our City!

In 1792 General William Irvine
purchased the first land here for
15 Pounds. His descendants
donated Crescent Park on which
Warren General Hospital is built.
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Warren PA
Originally a part of the Iroquois Nation this land was annexed
by treaty as a result of The Revolutionary War. President
George Washington assigned Irvine the task to settle this area
after he successfully ended a tax revolt downstream on the
Allegheny River in Pittsburgh. Warren was originally called
Conewango as noted on French maps dating back to 1740.
Prior to Irvine's purchase this had been part of the United
States' donation lands which were established to pay back
wages to members of the Continental Army for their service in
The Revolutionary War.
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